Wilcox Memorial Hospital holds blessing for Solar Photovolatic Farm


LIHUE, Hawai‘i - On January 30, 2009 Wilcox Memorial Hospital held a private blessing for their new Solar Photovoltaic Farm that was completed in late December. The Solar Farm is located in the employee back parking lot; with a total of 2,190 solar panels connected to 3 inverters - with a rating of 504 kilowatts of power per hour. As of January 12th, 2009, the solar system has generated a total of 38,055 kilowatts of power per hour - an estimated value of $15, 602 ($0.41/kwh)! The solar farm is tied directly into the hospitals electrical distribution system; this enables the hospital to use all electricity generated by the solar farm.

During peak sun hours (approximately 5 hours per day), the system produces enough energy to meet about 52% of Wilcox’s electricity needs. On a daily (24-hour) basis, which includes nighttime hours, the system produces about 13% of Wilcox’s electricity needs. Another advantage to not just Wilcox but also the island of Kauai is that solar power is produced during peak demand hours for electricity, which can help ease the load on the island’s electricity grid. The Hawai‘i Pacific Health Solar Farm is one of only a handful of solar farms in Hawai‘i and Wilcox is the only hospital system in the state to have one. The system was designed and installed by Suntech Hawai‘i, the state’s largest locally owned renewable energy firm.

Wilcox’s green efforts don’t stop here. It is the dream to have more renewable energy for the hospital using wind generators in the future.