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Looking for a top-notch pediatrician? When it comes to finding the right doctor, Wilcox Health is the place to turn. Choose from over 100 health care providers in over twenty specialties right here on Kauai. Just type in what you need, it’s that simple. In addition to Kauai Medical Clinic staff, independents and visiting doctors from Hawai‘i Pacific Health are also included in this database, making it the most comprehensive index of health providers on Kauai.


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If you are looking for a quick listing of phone numbers and departments, please visit our Directory of Services.


If you are still unable to find the physician you are looking for, or need additional help, call the Hawai‘i Pacific Health team at 949-WELL (9355) or toll free at 1-877-709-WELL (9355) and select #1 for Physician Referral assistance.


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